They denounce the case of a family that faces an eviction for non-payment of 900 euros

They denounce the case of a family that faces an eviction for non-payment of 900 euros

Ganemos presents a motion to the Plenary requesting urgent help

The PAH-Stop Evictions of Santander and Cantabria denounces the case of a family that will be evicted on November 5. He explains that the family signed a rental agreement in September 2014 and they paid the deposit and one year in advance. Nine months later, in June 2015, the owners of the house filed a lawsuit for non-payment of supplies – for an amount of 932 euros – and in September a judge issued the judgment of eviction.

According to the platform, Luis and Rocío are both 46 years old. Rocío is replenishing and since 2004 she is unemployed. For his part, Luis has worked in the hospitality sector and in recent years he only finds waiter work two or three months per season. They have two children, one of 20 and another of seven.

They signed the contract in September 2014 and paid in advance 6,600 euros, corresponding to one-year monthly payments, in addition to the one-month guarantee (550 euros). However, in June 2015 the demand for eviction was filed. At that time they still had to pay three months, that is, 1,650 euros and the corresponding guarantee. In total, 2,200 euros.

The debt, for supplies, that the family had at that time was 932 euros and the court of first instance No. 2 of Santander issued a sentence just over two months later.

Antonio G. Javega, Stop Evictions activist, explains that "when this family came to us we did not understand why the lawsuit was filed in June, at that time I did not owe anything because there were still three months to be paid. The express eviction constitutes an abuse in itself, but in this case, in addition, there have been a series of events that make the case more "bleeding." It is not only the speed of the eviction, but at the time of the eviction. really there was debt. "

The platform warns that currently the family is in a "desperate" situation, since "they do not have resources and, therefore, if nobody redresses them they could end up in the street". Therefore, the platform has initiated a series of steps at all levels to stop it without having to face a stop eviction protocol.

He has met with different parties, with the Social Services of the Santander City Council and the responsible councilor, with the regional president, Miguel Angel Revilla, and this same Tuesday, with the mayor of Santander, Iñigo de la Serna, to find a solution to the problem.

Motion to win

The Ganemos Santander Yes Can party has submitted a motion to the City Council requesting urgent help for this family, either through one of the homes owned by the Consistory or a grant of 100% of the rent. "The town hall has social housing to meet the need of this family, it is a question of political will," says councilman Ganemos Santander Yes Can, Antonio Mantecón in a press release.

The PAH-Stop Evictions explains in another press release that until now "they have not received a positive response" and the Social Services of the City Council have informed them that they do not have at this moment of housing for this family. However, the platform believes otherwise: "We believe that they have enough houses to deal with this type of situation, and the bureaucracy remains in situations of extreme need," he says.

According to him, in the meeting with the mayor they were told that "the only thing that the City can offer at this moment to the affected family is the hostel for passers-by Princess Leticia. For Javega, "the Candina hostel is not an adequate space to house this family, it does not meet minimum conditions, we only ask for one floor for a few months until their situation is resolved, it is not asking for the moon," he said.

Revilla, on the other hand, "has not offered anything acceptable," according to platform activists. "We are waiting for a call for a government presidency but, of course, it is not reasonable to send this family to Valderredible," comments Javega in relation to the offer of a social rental house in the Campurrian area.

The Platform for People Affected by Mortgages (PAH-Stop Evictions) of Santander and Cantabria meets every Tuesday at the Civic Center of Cisneros Street. You can contact the platform at 717701571 or through the email

Another eviction in Santander on the 13th

For its part, the Platform of Affected by the Mortgage of Santander (PAH Santander), has denounced the case of another family in the capital that faces an eviction on November 13.

As explained in a press release, it is a middle-aged marriage of Santander and his nephew, in foster care, who stopped paying the mortgage five years ago and two weeks ago received the launch order.

According to PAH Santander, they owe the bank more than 180,000 euros and ask to stay in the home paying an affordable rent, 30% of their real income. The platform will try to avoid eviction in the meeting that will be held this Thursday with the entity.

This platform meets on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. in the Callealtero Civic Center, in Human Rights Square 1 (Zona Alta street). The contact telephone number is 634 566 751.

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